The fact that styles are changing in society is why there was a demand for this new sectional layout. The Modern Sectional Design is a beautiful concept set that has many interchangeable aspects. Utah has a few new communities such as western Harriman, South Jordan’s Daybreak, and the Riverton. Within those communities, the majority of houses and apartment complexes are taking the form of contemporary and modern styles. These include dark woods, softer colors such as Tiffany Blue, polished metals and hard corners.

These are the aspects that Paisley’s Custom Furniture have added to their repertoire of customizable pieces. With demand, Paisley’s Custom Furniture has designed a lower sitting sectional with types of legs that are metal instead of the old wood. There are a few metal styles as well as metal framing that goes well with contemporary style homes. In addition, there are new arm styles and more contemporary colors.

We welcome you to our showroom to see the original selection of furniture compared to the new Modern Sectional Design. The showroom will have an array of new colors, fabric styles and customizable dimensions to fit any space. Either home or office, Paisley’s Custom Furniture can cater to the need of one set or 100. To contact Paisley’s Custom Furniture for details and quotes, either visit our showroom floor off State Street just north of The Home Depot on 2100 south, or call 801-258-1868.