With 2018 now upon us, many people are thinking about updating their home furniture and design to reflect the new trends. While many of the design trends started in 2017, they are continuing on into 2018 with curvier, rounder shapes, comfortable furniture, color and international glamour. So, what exactly can we look for in furniture design trends in 2018? Below we’ve outlined the top trends that are influencing the design of living room furniture for 2018.

Reintroducing Curves

Furniture that provides optimal comfort is the number one thing that people are looking for when shopping for new furniture for their homes. Along side comfort, a connection or focus on nature and restoration is also at the forefront of people’s minds. Shapes that resemble bubbles, clouds, balloons, or nest that help to cultivate one’s imagination, while maximizing the ability to relax are optimal. These shapes allow for the new generation to achieve their desire of connecting with nature and creativity.

Global Nomad

The term “global nomadism” means a meeting of the tribal, the traveler and a global connection, are starting to replace minimalist design. As a result, there is a noticeable shift in colors and materials being used in designing furniture. With this trend, look for lots of leather, feathers, baskets, wood, and earthy colors. All of these features will be set in soft, monochromatic color schemes, and complemented with industrial elements, such as concrete or metal.

Vintage Glamour

While glamour has been in style for a while, this year’s version of glamour doesn’t comply with the traditional glossy glamour that has been popular in the past. Today’s version of glamour includes lots of jewel tones, luscious velvet type fabrics, deep-pile carpets, tufted and quilted patterns and shiny metallic. Think of old world shapes, rich warm hues, and glamour of times long gone, all elegantly presented in a personalized, yet distinctly modern fashion.

Personalized Setting

More and more we are seeing design moving towards a personal, intimate style that resembles a hotel-like setting. Current trends are showing a desire to showcase the personality of the owner in the room and its design. This is in part due to the fact that social media is becoming ever increasingly more prevalent, as we are showcasing our personal lives and spaces more and more. Therefore, it is imperative that our spaces reflect who we want to be. As a result, there has also been an increase in custom furniture design, allowing for furniture to tell our story.

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