Paisley’s Custom furniture has evolved through 5 generations of quality manufacturing of the finest furniture. It all began about 75 years ago in a chicken coop. Things originated with Great Grandfather Edwin and his brothers. These men emigrated from Sweden and found work in a furniture factory. Great grandpa Edwin learned the skills of making furniture and quickly went out on his own, founding Wahlen Brothers Furniture.

Back then the family also had a lumber mill; cutting, drying, and prepping its own lumber. In their operation, there were 150 employees with a fleet of 9 trucks in a 55,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

Their reputation quickly grew of being high-quality with solid lumber frames and only the best-rated fabrics and textiles. This is a quality trait that we gratifyingly continue today! Just as with the founders of Wahlen Brothers, all of Paisley’s Custom Furniture is made in the USA with solid lumber guaranteed frames.

From time to time we run into a piece of Wahlen Brothers furniture in a local good will shop. The furniture is obviously loved and has been used for many years. But the furniture is still going strong! The fabric becomes dated and a bit worn. But the frame and support systems remain in great shape, ready to recover for some lucky buyer. This quality tradition still carries on today!

All textiles are of highest quality and support systems are made to last. The fabric vendor partners we have selected are those of good reputation, high quality standards, and on-trend prints, weaves, combined with durable cleaning ability.

Today we continue the traditions and have the continual reputation of building the best in upholstered furniture. In dealing directly with the factory, you will see enormous savings and the quality is unmatched! Lifting our furniture vs. an import or other manufacturers will reveal the true quality of our products.

Notable Events in Our History
  • June 1976, Wahlen Brothers is a main producer of furniture that replaces and helps families of the Teton Dam Break.
  • Truck Fleet of 9 allows shipping radius to grow 900 miles distance all directions.
  • Becomes one of the largest manufacturers of fine upholstered goods west of the Mississippi.
  • Large commercial contracts (Brian Head Ski Resort, Cliff Lodge Snowbird, hundreds of college housing apartments, countless furniture dealers across the intermountain west and beyond).
What You Can Still Expect Today
  • Solid lumber frames with normal residential use offers a lifetime warranty for repair.
  • Currently using some of the best innovative springing support systems.
  • Best quality of foam with cushion stability and highest comfort.
  • Family budget-friendly pricing without sacrificing quality.
  • Custom made for your space with your measurements.
  • Furniture can be made from looking at photos and sketches.
  • Best, most durable, and comfortable on-trend fabrics (can be special ordered just for you).
  • In-house sewers and upholsterers, just as in days gone by.
  • Our manufactured goods are built on site to fit your needs and wants.
  • Being family owned, we are still craftsmen of the highest skill and ability.
  • Have your furniture within a 2-3 week lead-time (begins with paid deposit).
  • Delivered to your home (fees may apply).
  • Custom patterns and spec’d designs that are ours alone.
  • Online exposure gives us the capability to expand our customer base to new levels.