Although Paisley’s Custom Furniture is one of the leading Sectional designers in the Salt Lake Valley, the two products that have been the most popular are the Banana Chairs and the Lounging Body Bags. Paisley’s Custom Furniture has had connections to some of the most popular retail stores. Although very simple, the Lounging Body Bag and Banana Chair can be customized for any room or lounge area. The Lounging Body Bags have been shipped all over the country for 4 generations with one thing in mind, Quality.

Time Frame & Custom Sizing


Usually, a custom built piece of furniture from a large retailer takes 8 – 12 weeks. They are usually made from an overseas source and from leftover materials. Paisley’s Custom Furniture builds all of its products right here in the United States in Utah. Our 100% American Built product is of the highest quality made with materials just for your order. Because we are local, not only is it a quality product, but the average build time is only 1 to 3 weeks. This is an average and can be affected by things such as workload, type of material ordered for the product and possible back-order issues, etc. However, with rare exceptions, 3 weeks is the average wait time to complete an order.

  • Lounging Body Bag $99 – $499
  • Banana Chairs $49 – $95
  • Acme Chair $199 – $299
  • Sectionals $595 – $995
  • Ottomans
Having issues finding the correct size sectional, sofa set or ottoman? Do you have a specific space you need filled without having something too large or too small? Need a set built in small enough pieces to fit into a complicated basement or hallway? Or maybe you just can’t find the configuration that is right for your room? Paisley’s Custom Furniture is here to solve all of those problems. We can build it the way you need it! In order for Paisley’s Custom Furniture to help service you better with custom sizing, we highly recommend that you bring the measurement you would like your sectional, sofa set or ottoman to be. When you come in with your measurements our special trained employees will help you draw out your new set in the correct size, direction, piece and configuration you need! (Prices will vary on custom sizing).

Large Orders

The good aspect of Paisley’s Custom Furniture, we can handle large order loads. We take on larger orders with patience and persistence. Every unit will be identical down to the stitching. No matter the size of orders, we understand that finishing in a timely fashion is most important to the client so we will work with you the best we can. Aside from that, the larger amount of units total sold, the easier it is to find discounts and areas for price cuts in fabrics and in delivery costs.

Contact us at your earliest convenience with any questions you may have. Call today. 801-484-0103