Paisley’s Custom Furniture has a showroom in located in Salt Lake City. In our showroom you will find a variety of sectionals, sofa sets, and ottomans that can be viewed and sat on to asses comfort & quality. The examples on our floor are designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Whether you want a sofa or sectional in all 1 fabric, or 2 different fabrics, or 3, or leather, or a combination of all the above, the first step is bringing your measurements with you, and then coming in to see some examples of what you can do.

When you come, remember to bring:

• The measurements of your room(s)

• The color scheme of your room(s)

You may choose to buy one of our standard models. Or perhaps you may choose to make it a little larger or smaller, or change the direction, or make it taller, or closer to the ground. Whatever you decide to do, a Paisley’s Custom Furniture planner will help you create the exact layout of the product right for you. The item will be drawn up, and your order placed. For cash buyers, a 50% deposit is required. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of product. For buyers doing some type of financing, the financing must be approved prior to work commencing and any applicable deposits must be made.

“Even interesting angles for your unique room is a doable creation. Bring us your ideas and we can build it to your specs and make it YOUR reality!”

“Beautiful Open Leg Airy sofa built to your measurements.”